Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Food in restaurant Savamala


Savamala restaurantis a mix oflocal, traditional Serbian and international cuisine. In our restaurant...everything is subject to change. We are open to new foods, new trends in cooking...one that does not agree to change is the quality of the food that we prepare for you.
To dish become delicious we need not only a good recipe, but also high-quality, fresh ingredients and of course the love for the work that we do.

They say that power enters at the mouth... our chefs sayt hat the food which we prepare in our restaurant is also food for the soul. If your eye dont like the food you see there are wery much chance that you will not enjoy when you eat it.

In food which we prepare evrything is important: and overall look of dish and its taste. After so many years of working with food we find that tiny balance of presentation and look of dishes.

If you feel that there is too much praise in our words ...no ... We talk about how it is, and the only compliments that we accept are satisfied and smiling faces of guests who come from our restaurant and of course ... empty plates that remained fort hem ... and so long for .... past 100years.


Dobrodošli na internet prezentaciju restorana Savamala
Welcom on web presentation of restaurant Savamala
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