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Restaurant Savamala take a first guest back in 1910. year, while operating within the hotel Petrograd.
And then, just like today, a restaurant decorated hotel building itself (Belgrade City Hotel), and Savski Square, which is one of the most frequent point and heart of the Belgrade.

Name of the restaurant comes from the center of Belgrade, in which the building is located, and that is Savamala - Belgrade eternal dream of the descent of the river Sava. Today, restaurant is, accordingly to his position, history, a specific kind of restaurant - combination of the authentic spirit of Belgrade and tendencies in modern restauranting bussines.


restaurant has a capacity of 80 to 90 seats, and is divided into two interrelated parts.

In front of the restaurant is predominately natural materials that create a relaxed atmosphere, while the other part of the restaurant elegant and discreet.

Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and very tasty food and very good prices is what the restaurant Savamala stands out.

is definitely the most beautiful place in the world, only if it is properly used. Live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday is here for you from 19h - 23h.

If you want to have ga good time, celebrate something, or find feruge from sadness find refuge, we are here for you.

Sufficiently flexible and always ready to meet your expectations ...


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