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Restoran Savamala
In 1910. in Savamala... Belgrade part of town, down on the river Sava... opened an a restaurant. Restaurant got the only name that was logic... Restaurant Savamala. This centenarian has witnessed many changes in Belgrade, and it self was going through changes. The only thing that has not been changed for all this time, was the quality of food and service in this restaurant. Today Savamala restaurant is a mix of old Belgrade and the spirit of modern trends in the restaurants and catering industry. We've combined youth and experience... apparently incompatible combination, yet after all these years... We can say that we have succeeded.

Catering for Individuals

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You expect guests of if you are organizing birthday party, christening, engagement ... any other important event for you, and you do not want to worry about dishes, is some dish undercooked or baked too much, is all food delicious ... or more importantly, you will not be able to focus on the guests in the right way because you will be tired of cooking ... we have a solution for you.


Kettering of restaurants Savamala!

Let the professionals worry about food ... Call us, come to an agreement.

Tell us your ideas ... what you want to serve your guests, how many guests you expect ... Allow us to recommend something in our experience ...

Let us
beautify your important day!



Look at our catering menu!


  • Veal soup
140,00 rsd  
  • Minestrone soup
165,00 rsd  
  • Soup with homemeade pasta
155,00 rsd  
  • Fish soup
175,00 rsd  


  • Serbian baked beans
170,00 rsd  
  • Stuffed zucchini with vegetables
145,00 rsd  
  • Grilled mushrooms
145,00 rsd  
  • Breaded hard cheese
225,00 rsd  
  • Risoto with vegetables
160,00 rsd  
  • Risoto with seafood
245,00 rsd  
  • Risoto with chicken
245,00 rsd  


  • Pasta Arabijata
215,00 rsd  
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
345,00 rsd  


  • Caesar salad
315,00 rsd  
  • Leopold salad - Salad with grilled and sliced beef
460,00 rsd  
  • Guliver salad - Salad with tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto
345,00 rsd  

FISH DISHES - Meals are served with a side dish - Dalmatian stew

  • Grilled calamari
425,00 rsd  
  • Salmon in champagne sauce
600,00 rsd  
  • Chopped pikeperch with vegetables
445,00 rsd  

ORDER DISHES - dishes are served with a side dish - french fries

  • Medallions in mushroom sauce
445,00 rsd  
  • Escalope Karadjordje
395,00 rsd  
  • Wiener Schnitzel
355,00 rsd  
  • Chicken breast, breaded, topped with sesame
300,00 rsd  
  • Pork sauté
310,00 rsd  
  • Sauté Stroganov
460,00 rsd  
  • Chopped pork loin sauté with onions, pepers, tomatoes, chili
245,00 rsd  

GRILLED DISHES - Dishes are served with a side dish - french fries

  • Grilled pork loin
325,00 rsd  
  • Stuffed pork loin
345,00 rsd  
  • Grilled small rolls of minced meat
290,00 rsd  
  • Grilled small rolls of minced meat with kaymak milk cream
335,00 rsd  
  • Serbian style burger
290,00 rsd  
  • Serbian style burger with kaymak milk cream
335,00 rsd  
  • Stuffed Serbian style burger
325,00 rsd  
  • Pork skewers
290,00 rsd  
  • Chicken fillet with cheese wrapped in bacon
325,00 rsd  
  • Grilled chicken fillet
290,00 rsd  
  • Grilled turkey fillet
380,00 rsd  
  • Grilled pork fillet
345,00 rsd  


  • Grilled vegetables
110,00 rsd  
  • Mixed bioled vegetables
95,00 rsd  
  • Fries
75,00 rsd  
  • Rice
65,00 rsd  
  • Chard and boiled potatoes with olive oil and garlic
85,00 rsd  
  • Tomato salad
100,00 rsd  
  • Tomato salad with cheese
115,00 rsd  
  • Shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumber, onions, white cheese)
135,00 rsd  
  • Greek salad
175,00 rsd  
  • Taratora salad (fresg cucumber in yoghurt dressing)
115,00 rsd  
  • Cucumber salad
105,00 rsd  
  • Mixed salad (tomatoes, fresh cucumber and carrots)
110,00 rsd  
  • Vitamin salad
110,00 rsd  
  • Roasted hot peppers
45,00 rsd  
  • Lettuce salad
105,00 rsd  
  • Cabbage salad
85,00 rsd  
  • Serbian salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions)
115,00 rsd  


  • Banana cake with chocolate
250,00 rsd  
  • Hazelnut cake with dark and milk chocolate
250,00 rsd  
  • Nugat cake with chocolate and hazelnut
300,00 rsd  
  • Cheese cake (cake with mascarpone cheese and dressing from red fruits)
250,00 rsd  


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